Glitter-Set Metallic 10 Colours (Kopie) (Kopie)

Metallic Glitter Set 
10 sparkling colours! 

Glitter-Set Metallic 10 sparkling Colours

Come and join the new glitter-world of JOLLY!
The  glitter-set consists of 5 fibre tipped pens and 5 coloured pencils in glittering colours.
Create special metallic effects on your drawings!

The Set contains crayons in these bright colours:

gold/silver | metallic reddish gold/metallic green | metallic violet/metallic blue

JOLLY-tip: Use black paper!

Sparkling children’s eyes with beautiful drawings – made with coloured pencils from JOLLY!

Crayons, Marker, sparkling

You want your name printed on your glitter pens?
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