The Brand JOLLY

Waschechte Qualität "Made in Austria"
Proved quality “Made in Austria”

1965: The brand is born
The Rolling Stones storm the charts, the first satellites go into space, and the brand Jolly is born. For generations, Jolly products have been the epitome of articles for painting, drawing and writing. Jolly is a brand that brings a smile to your face. Who hasn’t been astonished at the 36 or even 48 colour pack? As a child we wished for them (and rarely got them) – as adults, we still want to to be children.

Austrian production guarantees high quality and reliability. Jolly offers products that put a smile on the faces of children and adults – today as they did then.

Jolly’s painting materials are still produced in Austria. Every year, millions of pencils, colours and leads are produced at the two sites in Graz and Hirm.

Quality is particularly important to us. Many of our employees have been with the company for decades and carefully produce Jolly’s painting materials. “Kinderfest” is a term coined by the Jolly brand. It guarantees long-lasting and child-safe products.


Jolly always surprises with new ideas: Aqua2go, the brush with a water tank his just one example. 

New Products 
The vibrant Jolly tempera colours in tubes or bottles offer great painting fun! Due to the high pigment density, they have strong covering power. Bright, brilliant colours convince on paper, canvas or other materials. Painted with a brush or spatula – here are no limits to creativity.

The Jolly Colour World
The charm of seeing the pens in a colour parade in the box never gets lost. Not only children but also adults get shining eyes. Terms such as “carmine red”, cyclamen or the famous “flesh colour” are coined by the Jolly brand. Even today, the smell of wood and the beginning of school still rise in the nose of many of us with these terms.

Magazin für Lehrer aus dem Jahr 1970
Teacher’s Magazine from 1970

Jolly is an integral part of visual education for a long time. Here is an excerpt from a magazine for teachers from 1970.

Jolly has accompanied children since 1965 in drawing, painting and writing.

Over time, there were different drawn versions.

Der erste für einen TV Spot gezeichnete Jolly
JOLLY 1975
Jolly fliegt - ca. 1975
Flying JOLLY 1975
Jolly macht Ferien - ca. 1980
JOLLY on holiday - 1980

Do you remember?

A quick look back at Jolly products that many of us know from our childhood.

Jolly Aquarell
JOLLY Aquarell
Jolly Superstart Duo
JOLLY Superstar Duo
Jolly Radiergummi
JOLLY Eraser
Jolly Dosenspitzer
JOLLY Sharpener
Jolly Extraklasse
JOLLY wax crayons "Extraklasse"
Jolly Farbriesen
JOLLY wax crayons "Farbriesen"
Jolly Zeichenblock
JOLLY drawing paper
Jolly Produktkollektion
JOLLY several products