Safety First: JOLLY

FSC®-StandardFor the sake of the environment

As a manufacturer of stationery, we have been certified according to the FSC® standard since 2001. So we are under the close supervision of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and therefore advocate ecologically sound use of the forests. Jolly products are non-toxic and 100% child-safe!

Content Materials

Jolly pays close attention to compliance with applicable product guidelines. All products are manufactured by the 2009/48/EC toy safety directive and are regularly tested by the European standard EN 71. JOLLY products do not contain any substances of concern such as heavy metals, PAH, phthalate plasticisers, prohibited preservatives, primary aromatic amines and prohibited colourants.

Kid’s Safety!


Kinderfest means, the crayons are:

  • break-resistant
  • non-toxic – completely free of harmful ingredients
  • child-appropriate
  • simply safe!


All our products are tested! As a manufacturer, we confirm that our products meet the requirements of the toy guidelines.


Many Jolly products have been developed primarily for the youngest. The main focus here is on gripping and holding! Extra-thick pens make it easier to learn how to write and thus promote children’s motor skills.

These particular toddler products are marked with this icon. All JOLLY products are of course suitable for children of all ages!