Airbush Fun

Paints, sprayer and stencils 
Let’s get spraying!

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Airbrush Set

Here comes the awesome airbrush fun! With the JOLLY airbrush set, spray drawings are a breeze!
The holder can be easily charged via USB and ensures the even application of the colours.
With it, you can create colourful effects on invitations, greeting cards, drawings or posters in 12 bright colours!
Select the desired colour, slide it into the sprayer and then press and hold the button – the airbrush holder sprays the colour evenly onto the paper.

The stencils included in the delivery can be used as templates and can of course also be painted with normal pens.
Paint or spray? JOLLY grants successful and funny drawing!

And if the colours should be off? No problem, the cartridges are available separately for refilling.

The JOLLY Children Airbrush Set is suitable for these techniques:

Spraying on paper as you like ūüėČ
Painting with stencils
Combination between spraying and painting for particularly effective pictures
Create gradients also in different colours
several layers make for particularly colourful works of art

The JOLLY Children’s Airbrush Set includes all this:

Airbrush Pen (sprayer)
12 coloured pencils for the sprayer
7 plastic stencils with letters and funny motives
1 USB charging cable for easy charging of the sprayer (no battery required!)
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