School Pencils

Graphite Pencils
4 Grades Of Hardness! 

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School Pencils

Jolly School Pencils 4 grades of hardness: 
These are hexagonal lead pencils that are just the ticket for writing and drawing. There is a particular space on your Jolly graphite pencils to put your name. This pack contains the most commonly used grades of hardness. Jolly: Quality right from the start!

  • 4 grades of hardness (1-4, 3B, HB, H, 3H)
  • 4 pcs. in a blister pack

Jolly graphite pencils are available in different hardnesses for various applications:

Hardness Characteristics Usage
9B-4B very soft, deep black for art and sketches
3B,2B,B soft, full tone For free-hand drawing and writing
HB,F medium especially for writing and drawing
H,2H hard for geometric and technical drawings
3H-5H very hard for detailed technical plans and diagrams
6H-9H extra hard writing and drawing on hard materials

Jolly erasers make it easy to correct small and large errors. See more here.

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