Watercolour Painting Set

Crayons, brushes and drawing pad 
Total drawing fun with water! 

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Watercolour Painting Set 

Splash, splash, it’s gonna get wet! With JOLLY’s watercolour set no drawing will stay dry:
Simply paint the drawn artwork with brush and water and you will get great watercolour effects that are more than worth seeing!
What to wait for? Let’s get into the JOLLY Aqua-adventure now!

Supersticks Aqua 12 Colours are JOLLY’s tried and tested watercolour pencils.
Bright colours, an unbreakable coat and the water paintable lead bring even more creativity for painting and drawing. 

  • water-soluble 
  • colourful watercolor effects 
  • lead abrasion from sharpening usable
  • cool effects even on dark paper
  • amazing colour gradients
  • break-resistant lead
  • exciting watercolour effects
  • includes 6 brushes and drawing pad! 

The strong lead is 3,8 mm thick! 

The watercolour painting set includes a drwaing pad, 6 brushes and 12 water-soluble pencils

  • 102 light yellow
  • 104 orange
  • 106 cherry red
  • 109 cyclamen
  • 110 flesh pink
  • 111 violet
  • 112 light blue 
  • 114 ultramarine
  • 116 light green 
  • 17 dark green 
  • 121 sepia
  • 122 black 



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