180 Crayons In Big Box
X-BIG drawing fun!

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X-BIG BIG BOX: ultimate drawing fun for groups of children. In Kindergarten, schools and everywhere, where a lot of kids love drawing and painting! Store several pencils per colour! The useful box with lid is easy to clean and helps to organise your crafts materials.
The boxes are stackable and provide a smart way of storing.
The ergonomic coloured pencil with its 6.4 mm thick lead is the perfect colouring pencil for smaller children (kindergarten and preschool).
The extra-thick X-BIG is particularly ergonomic. The soft and durable lead is ideal for beginners. The X-BIG crayon is the sturdy crayon for little artists!
Proven Jolly quality has accompanied children drawing and painting for generations.

  • extra thick pencils
  • perfect for beginners
  • strong & break resistant
  • long-lasting drawing fun
  • strong wooden casing
  • long-lasting drawing fun

Tip: For sharpening the X-BIG we recommend Sharpy Twin sharpener.

The strong lead is 6,4 mm thick!


The package contains crayons in these Bright colours:

  • 2 light yellow
  • 4 orange
  • 6 cherry red
  • 7 crimson
  • 8 cyclamen
  • 9 pink
  • 12 light blue
  • 14 dark blue
  • 15 light green
  • 18 dark green
  • 21 medium brown
  • 24 black

Using the crayons with its rich colours ensures particularly colourful drawings and sparkling children’s eyes!

Clever storing with JOLLY BIG BOX!

  • 180 crayons in 12 colours (15 per colour)
  • stackable boxes
  • easy cleaning
  • stable plastic

X-BIG BIG BOX contains 180 coloured pencils in 12 shades. Painting fun for 15 children – even if everyone wants to paint with the red one at the same time 😉

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