X-BIG Delta Classpack

72 Crayons in 12 Colours
Super-strong and tidy sorted

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X-BIG Delta Classpack

X-BIG Delta Classpack: The larger containers make the pencils more affordable, help to organise the pens and keep a better overview.
Kids just love the great variety of colouring pencils the large, robust cardboard offers! In the Classpack, the crayons are also properly stored. So they are perfect for children’s groups.

Compartments inside the box help you to see quickly if all pens have been returned after use. X-BIG Delta 12 Colours is the big pencil for little artists. This triangular pencil is perfect for use by early learners with its soft, durable leads.
The tried-and-tested Jolly lead with its bright, vivid colours guarantees long-lasting quality.

  • extra strong XXL-lead
  • ergonomic 3-sided design
  • secure grip
  • relaxed grip
  • fatigue-free drawing
  • bright colours
  • long-lasting colours

The strong lead is 5,5 mm thick!

Supersticks X-BIG Delta Mine

Clever storing with JOLLY Classpack!

  • 72 pencils in 12 colours
  • handy cardboard-box
  • with compartments for sorting

Colouring pencils X-BIG Classpack contain 72 pens in 12 shades.

The package contains crayons in these Bright colours:

  • 2 light yellow
  • 4 orange
  • 6 cherry red
  • 7 crimson
  • 8 cyclamen
  • 9 pink
  • 12 light blue
  • 14 dark blue
  • 15 light green
  • 18 dark green
  • 21 medium brown
  • 24 black

Using the crayons with its rich colours ensures particularly colourful drawings and sparkling children’s eyes!

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