Supersticks MINI 6 Colours

6 Half-Length Crayons
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Supersticks Mini 6 Colours

Supersticks MINI 6 colours are the ideal gift for small customers. These half sized pens are childproof and unbreakable. Stable leads and rich, bright colours make for particularly beautiful drawings! The hexagonal pin shape ensures ergonomic fitting. Jolly has been offering quality from Austria for generations!

• thick lead
• breakage-resistant
• ultra-strong wooden sleeves
• rich colours
• long-lasting

The strong lead is 3,8 mm thick! 

The crayon’s painty colours make for particularly colourful drawings and sparkling children’s eyes!

The package contains crayons in these Bright colours:

  • 2 light yellow
  • 6 cherry red
  • 14 dark blue
  • 18 dark green
  • 21 medium brown
  • 24 black

To keep your Kinderfest colouring pencils always sharp, use a sharpener from Jolly. See more here.

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