Supersticks Metallic 6 Colours

6 Metallic Colours  
Sparkling drawing fun!

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Supersticks Metallic 6 Colours

Supersticks Metallic 6 colours: sparkling drawings with coloured pencils in metallic shades by Jolly.  The metal pigments sparkle and shine lovely on dark paper. Of course, the Supersticks Metallic have bright colours and a particularly strong lead. Designed for painting on solid drawing paper.

  • thick lead
  • break resistant
  • robust wooden casing
  • bright colours
  • long-lasting drawing fun
  • six metallic shades!

The strong lead is 3,8 mm thick!  

All coloured pencils are break resistant and have bright colours!

Matching sharpeners made by JOLLY: see here.

The package contains crayons in these Bright colours:

Buntstifte metallic

  • 25 silver
  • 26 gold
  • 208 metallic violet
  • 214 metallic blue
  • 217 metallic green
  • 236 metallic reddish gold

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