Painty Classpack

120 Wac Crayons
10 pcs. per colour!

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Painty Classpack

Painty Classpack: extra-thick wax crayons for even more colouring fun. The jumbo-strong Painty is ideal for children’s hands and allows a good grip. Its intense and bright colours guarantee long-lasting painting fun! To keep the fingers clean, Painty is wrapped in sparkling silver foils. Offering lots of painting techniques such as sgraffito, encaustic, melting and drip techniques (e.g. in water or on lanterns) – Jolly wax crayons for unlimited phantasy!
The Classpacks help to organise the crayons and keep a better overview. Kids love the great variety of crayons the large, robust cardboard offers! In Classpack the crayons are also correctly stored. So they are perfect for groups of children. Compartments inside the box help you to see quickly if all pens have been returned after use.

  • strong 12 mm lead
  • wrapped in silver foils
  • rich colours 
  • long-lasting drawing fun

Classpack is perfect for groups of children!

  • 120 wax crayons in 12 colours
  • handy cardboard box
  • compartments per colour for shipshape

Colouring fun, even if everyone wants to draw with the same colour at the same time!


The package contains crayons in these Bright colours:

  • 2 light yellow
  • 4 orange
  • Kirschrot6 cherry red
  • 8 cyclamen
  • 9 pink
  • Violett11 violet
  • hellblau12 light blue
  • 14 dark blue
  • 15 light green
  • 18 dark green
  • 21 medium brown
  • 24 black

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