Superstars One BIG BOX

Big Painting Fun!
12 basic colours

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Superstars One BIG BOX

Superstars One BIG BOX:  Here comes huge painting fun! The useful box with lid is easy to clean and helps you organising your crafts materials. The boxes are stackable and provide a smart way of storing.
Superstars One BIG BOX come up with a robust tip in 12 bright colours. The thick tip helps colouring larger areas.
Jolly fibre tip painters are proven quality made in Austria. Jolly products are characterised by long durability and child safety.
Superstars One with its bright and vibrant colours provide ultimate painting fun. Washable inks for easy cleanup! Ventilated safety caps prevent choking and are especially child safe!

  • brilliant colours
  • washable ink
  • safety cap
  • proven Jolly-quality

Bright colours ensure sparkling children’s eyes!

Clever storing with JOLLY BIG BOX!

  • 180 fibre tip pens in 12 brilliant colours (15 per colour)
  • stackable
  • easy to clean
  • stable box

Superstars One BIG BOX contain 180 markers in 12 shades. Painting fun – even if 15 children want to paint with the same colour at the same time.

Superstars ONE BIG BOX contains markers in these bright colours:

  • 2 light yellow
  • 4 orange
  • 6 cherry red
  • 8 cyclamen
  • 9 pink
  • Violett11 violet
  • 12 light blue
  • 14 dark blue
  • 15 light green
  • 18 dark green
  • 21 medium brown
  • 24 black

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