Supersticks Crazy 6 Sparkling Colours

Crazy 3 Pencils, 6 Colours  
Sparkling fun! 

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Supersticks Crazy 6 Sparkling COlours

Supersticks Crazy 6 sparkling colors – this is glittering double painting fun with only three crayons! Each colour pencil paints in two shades. Therefor drawing and decoration work even better! The coloured pencils from JOLLY are child-resistant and break-proof – perfect for glittering painting fun. The colours are particularly effective on dark paper!

  • two colours in one pencil
  • thick lead
  • break resistant
  • strong wooden casing
  • particularly rich colour
  • long-lasting drawing fun

The strong lead is 3,8 mm thick!   

Sparkling children’s eyes with beautiful drawings – made with coloured pencils from JOLLY!

Matching sharpeners made by JOLLY: see here.

The package contains crayons in these bright colours:

  • gold/silver
  • metallic reddish gold/ metallic green 
  • metallic violet / metallic blue

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