Dual Tip Pencil red/blue

Dual Tip Pencil
Red and blue in one lead!

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Dual Tip Pencil red/blue

This Dual Tip Pencil red/blue is especially suitable for applying the syllable method. Thanks to its two tips in red and blue, all it takes to write individual syllables in different colours is to turn the pencil.

Writing is facilitated, while hand and finger motor skills are stimulated. The Jolly dual-tip pencil features the tried-and-tested Jolly Kinderfest lead.

  • two colours (red, blue)
  • thick lead
  • breakage-resistant
  • ultra-strong wooden sleeves
  • rich colours
  • two pcs. in a blister pack

The strong lead is 3,8 mm thick!  

To keep your colouring pencils always sharp, use a sharpener from Jolly. See more here.

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